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With a structured, supportive, and challenging curriculum in a family-oriented environment, LA Drud Detox’s Residential Treatment Center Palm Desert helps youth develop self-management, academic, physical, social/ emotional, and independent living skills while building confidence and maturity. LA Drud Detox’s Residential Treatment Center Palm Desert works with youth with different needs, placing them together in residential, recreational, and academic settings to maximize a focused skill building and productive environment.

LA Drug Detox’s Residential Treatment Center Palm Desert’s academic program aims to prepare youth for a challenging and successful future. Through a diversified, experiential, technology-rich, activity-based curriculum, we work to meet each youth’s individual characteristics and learning needs.

Youth interest and life goals direct our flexible and individualized California State Regents-based curriculum. Our youth work at their own pace to pursue areas of focus and further study. Teachers treat youth individually with flexible strategies and assessments. Through our academic programs, youth can work toward a GED, IEP Diploma, or a Regents Diploma.

Palm Desert Residential Treatment Centers For Mental Health

Residential Treatment Center For Teens In Palm Desert

LA Drug Detox Residential Treatment Center in Palm Desert is a leading Residential Treatment Center counseling struggling teenagers from Palm Desert who are coping with drug abuse/addiction (including marijuana), emotional problems, or rebelliousness. In our serene, yet structured environment teenagers receive the superior therapy and treatment they need to make positive changes in their life, and rediscover the person they are meant to be.

Although Turning Winds may not be located in Palm Desert, we accept at-risk teenagers from all over the country. When teenagers are taken out of their comfort zone and removed from negative influences and distractions, they are better able to focus on changing their behaviors and learning the skills necessary to make an incredible transformation.

As a Palm Desert Residential Treatment Center, we have combined a variety of proven therapeutic treatment methods to form the Five Pillars of Therapeutic Change.

This includes education on life and social skills, conflict resolution, effective communication, boundaries, health and self-development, and much more. While doing this, struggling teenagers learn to take accountability for their actions, gain insight into their past behaviors and why they were unhealthy, learn decision-making skills that help them set and achieve goals, and realize the importance of recognizing their personal successes.

To ensure that no teenager falls through the cracks, we have a 5:1 staff-to-student ratio. Teens are continually engaged in beneficial activities facilitated by our highly educated and trained staff. Our staff facilitates individual and group therapy, adventure and outdoor recreation and adventure therapy (that takes place outside on our 150-acre campus), and academic classes in our.

Residential Treatment Center For Mental Health

LA Drug Detox Residential Treatment Center in Palm Desert is a leading Residential Treatment Detox counseling struggling teenagers from Palm Desert who are coping with a variety of troublesome issues, such as substance use (including marijuana), emotional concerns, and kleptomania. Turning Winds: happy adolescent from Palm Desert feeling upbeat at Turning Winds' Academic InstituteUsing our unique 5 Pillars of Change, we give the exceptional therapy and treatment teenagers need to make a long lasting transformation.

When placed in an unfamiliar environment, teenagers are better able to concentrate on their treatment, which often leads to more profound and lasting changes.

At LA Drug Detox Residential Treatment Center in Palm Desert, we understand that some teenagers do give in to temptation and peer pressure, which can lead to problems with substance use (including marijuana) issues. Struggling teenagers who engage in these behaviors will receive education that involves drug abuse/addiction (including marijuana) awareness, education on relapse prevention, social skills training, and more.

Teens dealing with anxiety and/or other clinical depression, whether along with or apart from drug abuse/addiction (including marijuana), take part in a variety of proven therapeutic interventions, including individual and group therapy, to work through their problems.

Regular family therapy is also an important component of our therapeutic services, particularly for teenagers fighting depression. Teens learn to appreciate themselves as a person, explore their external and internal personal resources, as well as how to apply them to different areas of their lives where they may be at-risk, and gain a better awareness of their identity.

At LA Drug Detox Residential Treatment Center in Palm Desert, we are dedicated to help teenagers in crisis work through their current circumstances and transform into a young adult with integrity, a positive outlook on life, and the skills needed to maintain their transformation long term.

Residential Treatment Center

Workforce Development Program

With the understanding that not every youth has the goal of furthering their education upon graduation from high school, Berkshire has developed the Vocational Training & Workforce Development Program.

LA Drug Detox’s Residential Treatment Center Palm Desert youth develop goals directed toward self-management, academic excellence, physical well being, and social-emotional growth. We integrate these goals through academic support and other related services to maximize their successful transition to adulthood.

We provide opportunities for youth to experience success at work in areas such as: horticulture; recreation; culinary srts; carpentry; plumbing; electrical; and landscape maintenance.

Cottage Life and Community Responsibility

LA Drug Detox’s Residential Treatment Center Palm Desert’s life-changing programs are based in a core of stability and warmth that embraces the community as a whole. These offer a wealth of opportunities for learning tolerance, responsibility, and cooperation. Youth Care Counselors, a nurturing and watchful presence, interact with youth in tune with their interests and concerns.

LA Drug Detox’s Residential Treatment Center Palm Desert dedication to a family atmosphere is evident within the youth’s academy. Youth Care Counselors wake their youth up in the morning, making sure they are dressed properly and fulfill their house responsibilities.

As in any good family environment, manners and hygiene receive particular attention. We expect our youth to keep their personal space and the common areas clean and tidy, learning to do chores because they need to be done and taking pride in their home away from home.

Each youth has a private room with a bed, dresser, desk, and room for personal items. Depending on the specific academy, the youth have from 5 to 15 housemates with whom they participate in therapeutic activities in order to build trust and encourage positive peer relations. Staff are aware of youth who may find it difficult to make friends or join a group activity. They quietly coach and encourage these youth to assist them in developing positive friendships.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment Palm Desert, who are responsible for supervising the youth 24/7, provide therapeutic recreational activities, academic support, and opportunities to build upon life skills. Computer labs are available within the academy.

In addition to computer labs, youth have access to television, age-appropriate movies and video games, as well as Berkshire’s movie theater, located on campus. Contingent with the youth’ daily, positive achievements, they may earn a variety of additional privileges including special off-campus trips and/or other incentives.

Communities flourish by sharing responsibilities. That’s why, at LA Drug Detox’s Residential Treatment Center Palm Desert, each youth shares the care and cleanliness of the academy, and must complete his assigned chore each day. These chores are rotated weekly and may include taking out the trash, picking up the common area, cleaning the kitchen, or cleaning and sanitizing the restrooms and showers. All of our youth are responsible for their own personal area, including making their bed each morning and keeping their closet neat and orderly.

Residential Treatment Centers in Palm Desert

LA Drug Detox residential treatment center is a residential treatment facility and academic treatment program with full accreditation for Palm Desert adolescent boys and girls. When teens from Palm Desert are battling typical adolescent pressures, parents often turn to residential treatment centers for service. At LA Drug Detox residential treatment center, we have developed a program that is designed to bring about the best results possible for troubled adolescents dealing with a wide variety of issues.

This rehabilitation not only minimizes the chance of your adolescent running away or being influenced by unsupportive peers, but also delivers an uninterrupted atmosphere where teen students can gain perspective, grow up, and achieve an improved level of maturity while addressing behavioral obstacles.


A daughter struggling with mental illness is one of the most challenging things you’ll face as a parent. On the outside, you see relationships in ruins, extreme mood swings between emotional outbursts and severe isolation, and a deteriorating future. These outward behaviors mask your daughter’s internal feelings of hopelessness, despair, shame, and guilt; feelings that often mirror your own emotions.

Ask yourself:

  1. Can you trust that your daughter will make appropriate decisions, tell you the truth, or avoid self-destructive behavior?
  2. Do you feel you can keep your daughter safe at home?
  3. Has your home become chaotic?
  4. Have you tried school counseling, outpatient therapy, psychiatrists, psychologists, and perhaps even a short-term program?
  5. Have you exhausted all other options, and is your family exhausted?
  6. And has nothing worked?

If any of this sounds like your family, please know that there is hope. Residential treatment can help, not only your daughter but your whole family.

When you’re looking for residential treatment centers, it’s not because your daughter is a “troubled teen.” She’s not a problem to fix. You’re looking for treatment because you love your daughter. You want her to find joy. You want her to live a fulfilling life. You’re looking for treatment because you want your daughter back.

No one thinks that raising a teen girl is easy, but it shouldn’t have to be this hard.

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